Petite déesse print

Art print inspired by the futuristic Citroen GS

Petite déesse print

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In 1955, the launch of the Citroen DS caught the world by surprise like few cars had managed until that day. The fact that it gathered such an incredible array of unseen technologies was a reason enough for its amazing comercial success. And yet, it was car that didn't fit to all budgets.

For 15 years it was car that didn't have a rival, up or above it's price range. Still, Citroen needed a weapon to fight for other market segments, ones that were larger and more profitable. What they came out with was an affordable product that inherited all the special features of the "deésse" in an avantgarde package. Aerodynamic, modern and very economical. Unlike its predecessor, it had a more exotic flat four engine and a fashionable shape that soon would inspire several models from other makers.

This artwork is available on high quality photo paper or Decoboard: a rigid surface made of high quality paper applied over a 12mm lightweight PVC board and finished with a UV-proof protecting varnish for long lasting colors. This technique requires no frames providing a decoration effect similar to a canvas print. Decoboard can be cleaned with a damp cloth. .

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  • Care instructions:  Paper prints must be framed and kept safe from humidity or direct sunlight. Decoboard can be cleaned with a mildly damp cloth. Decoboard varnish is UV-resistant.