Major Fun Art print

Art print inspired by the cute looks of the Morri Mini Tourer.

Major Fun Art print

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Everyone loves a British roadster. Elegance, style and performance go well with an open top, but there are other great ways to enjoy the wind-in-the-air motoring experience. Nowadays most convertibles are charmless and odd looking cars with lines conditioned by the almost mandatory folding metal tops, but it wasn’t always like that.

Many years ago, the Brits made some very appealing and even affordable convertibles such as the cute and highly enjoyable Minor Tourer. Another of Alec Issigonis masterpieces, the tiny Morris made the best of its unitary construction, offering a very nice and entertaining handling. In the open top version it was especially popular amongst the younger drivers for the very same reasons it is a much appreciated popular classic: unpretentious looks, room for friends or children, simple and reliable mechanicals and an inviting price tag.

This artwork is available on high quality photo paper or Decoboard: a rigid surface made of high quality paper applied over a 10 to 12mm lightweight PVC board and finished with a protecting varnish for long lasting colors. This technique requires no frames providing a decoration effect similar to a canvas print. Decoboard can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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  • Care instructions:  Paper prints must be framed and kept safe from humidity or direct sunlight. Decoboard can be cleaned with a mildly damp cloth. Decoboard varnish is UV-resistant.