NSU Art print

Art print inspired by the agressive lines of the NSU TT-S.

NSU Art print

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As with most German car manufacturers, NSU was almost perfect at their game. The small affordable motoring was their business and despite the odd looks, all of their tiny cars and motorbikes excelled in quality and performance.

Car production started in 1905 and came to an halt in 1932 when the Neckarsulm factory was sold to Fiat. However, in 1957 NSU returned to the market with the right sort of car. A small two cylinder engined car called Prinz proved reliable and practical enough for the most crowded European cities but eventually evolved into a roomier and more efficient car. Soon came a four cylinder and the Prinz name was dropped.

The good news were the arrival of sportiest versions named TT and TT-S. With considerable power and great handling the sporty NSU was a giant killer with immense racing success.


This artwork is available on high quality photo paper or Decoboard: a rigid surface made of high quality paper applied over a 10 to 12mm lightweight PVC board and finished with a protecting varnish for long lasting colors. This technique requires no frames providing a decoration effect similar to a canvas print. Decoboard can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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  • Care instructions:  Paper prints must be framed and kept safe from humidity or direct sunlight. Decoboard can be cleaned with a mildly damp cloth. Decoboard varnish is UV-resistant.