Bullitt Art print

Art print inspired by a famous chasing scene from the movie Bullitt

Bullitt Art print

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Now let's be honest: from those of you who are into cars and have viewed Bullitt, how many do actually remember what the story was all about? And does it really matter? Sure not.

Roaring american "vee-eights" and their drivers with a no-matter-what cool attitude is all we can retain. It may seem fair to say that not even the robust Mustang or a Charger could take as much punishment and get away with it for so long. However, truth is that only a pair of each model wasused during the film, featuring only slightly mods such as strenghtened suspension and brakes.

During the film, McQueen seems to cope well with the rythm put up by the Dodge Charger driven by the bad guys. The truth is a bit different though, since the stuntmen admited that the Dodge had to be driven with moderate acceleration so that the Fastback Mustang could keep up.
This artwork is available on high quality photo paper or Decoboard: a rigid surface made of high quality paper applied over a 10 to 12mm lightweight PVC board and finished with a protecting varnish for long lasting colors. This technique requires no frames providing a decoration effect similar to a canvas print. Decoboard can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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  • Care instructions:  Paper prints must be framed and kept safe from humidity or direct sunlight. Decoboard can be cleaned with a mildly damp cloth. Decoboard varnish is UV-resistant.